Blackwells Capital Gives Rationale for GNL-RTL Merger

AR Global and Blackwells Capital End War Over GNL and RTL

Blackwells Seeks to Install Board Members at Two Net Lease REITs

Real Estate Trusts Fail to Impede Activist in Fight Over Boards

Blackwells’ Maryland REIT Suit Gets Mixed Reviews

Activist Blackwells sues GNL, Necessity Retail over board dispute

Blackwells Sues REITs Over Nominations, M&A Proposals

Peloton founder John Foley and cabal of ‘inexperienced’ executives he hired – including his wife – ‘made $500m in insider share sales’ and still control the company despite resigning, lawsuit from biggest shareholder claims

Opinion: I’m pushing Peloton to end its dual-class shareholder structure — and other companies should do the same

Peloton Activist Blackwells Battled Barrack, Zell Before Targeting Foley

Peloton’s Woes May Worsen As Activist Investor Blackwells Reportedly Calls For Removal Of CEO

Activist Investor Calls on Peloton to Fire Its CEO

Activist investor wants Peloton to fire its CEO and explore options to sell the company: report

Activist investor Blackwells calls on Peloton to fire CEO, explore sale

Activist Spotlight: Insurgent Rankings for 2021

Activist Insight Monthly: Blackwells Capital at Monmouth

Monmouth Announces Blackwells Capital’s Support and Cooperation

Industrial Logistics Properties Trust Plans to Buy Monmouth Real Estate in $4 Billion Deal

Monmouth Agrees to $4 Billion Takeover After Rejecting Zell

Monmouth Holders Reject Bid from Zell’s Equity Commonwealth

Investor Blackwells Comes Out Against Sam Zell’s Acquisition of Monmouth

U.S. private equity giant Blackstone to buy Canada’s WPT Industrial REIT for US$3.1-billion

Blackstone to buy Canada’s WPT Industrial REIT for $1.86 billion

Blackstone to Buy WPT Industrial in $3.1 Billion Deal

Starwood Asks Monmouth Investors to Reject Deal With Zell

WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust: Sensible If Growth Persists

WPT Industrial Contributes $370M Portfolio to New JV

WPT Industrial REIT contributes $370m portfolio to new JV

WPT Industrial Partners With IMCO on US Joint Venture

Some U.S. activists post double-digit gains but many nurse losses

Blackwells to take in outside capital after record year start

Activist Blackwells Up 20% in First Quarter, Firm Plans Taking in Client Capital

Activist Blackwells up 20% in Q1, firm plans taking in client capital

Colony Capital Settles Dispute With Investor

Activist Spotlight: Insurgencies to Head Backstage

Activist Blackwells settles with Colony, creates venture to buy stock

Blackwells Reaches Colony Deal After CEO Accelerates Departure

Activist investor renews attack on Colony Capital

Colony Capital Investor Seeks to Oust CEO Tom Barrack

Activist demands halt to Colony Capital’s related-party deals

Activist Investor Renews Attack on Thomas Barrack’s Colony Capital

Colony Capital investor renews call to oust CEO

Colony Credit CEO Out as Blackwells Watches

Colony Credit CEO Out as Blackwells Watches

The Activist Investing Annual Review 2020 (Blackwells named as the #6 top activist firm of 2019)

Investor Steps Up Pressure on Thomas Barrack Through Colony Capital’s Lending Affiliate

Activist investor urges Colony Credit to replace investment team

Blackwells opens new front in Colony fight

Activist investor urges Colony Credit to replace investment team

Jackson, Weinstein, Epstein, and Trump: An activist investor just called out Tom Barrack’s controversial dealings

Tom Barrack Faces Call to Step Down ‘Immediately’ as Colony CEO

Activist investor seeks to oust Trump friend Barrack from CEO job at Colony Capital

Blackwells Seeks to Oust Trump Ally in Boardroom Battle

Activist firm rips Tom Barrack for Trump ties and seeks to remove him as Colony Capital CEO

Activist Colony Capital shareholder seeks to oust pro-Trump CEO

Trump ally Tom Barrack faces activist pressure at Colony Capital

Trump Wall Street Allies Want To Do Some Firing, Avoid Getting Fired

Activist Investor Seeks to Oust Tom Barrack as Colony Capital CEO

Colony Capital Pushes Back As Activist Seeks Major Shake-Up

An Activist Investor Tries to Oust a Trump Confidant

New filing in Collins vs FHFA

Private Jets Draw Insurgent Attention

Blackwells mulls seeking board changes at Colony

CEO Change and Acquisition Put Colony Capital on Right Path, But Beware of Barrack’s Entertainment Account

Colony Buys Out Partner Digital Bridge

Barrack to step down as Colony Capital chief executive

Colony Capital: Shares In This Under Siege REIT Could Double

Colony Unit Sale Won’t Pacify Aintabi’s Fund

Report of Colony Capital Asset Sale Surfaces After CorpGov Predicts Breakup

Blackwells May Launch Director Fight at Colony

Blackwells May Be the Antidote for Colony Capital’s Suffering

Oaktree Held Talks Last Year to Buy Parts of Colony Capital

Blackwells-Nominated Directors Eye Strategic Options at Colony: Sources

Colony reviews business following shareholder pressure

Donald Trump ally Tom Barrack examines shake-up of real estate firm

Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital will add new directors, review strategy in bid to lift shares

Tom Barrack’s Colony Agrees to New Directors and a Strategic Review

Colony Capital +1.2% after pact with activist, forms review committee